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28 September 2012 @ 11:38 pm
Title: Always
Pairings: None
Rating: G
Words: 608
Summary: Willas promises to be always with his sister
Disclaimer: All is fictional and the characters belong to grr martin.
Comments: A modern!Westeros setting.
Willas is barely seventeen and he has been involved in a car accident that leads for him to have a lame leg.
His family visits and he makes a promise to Margaery.

Also my drabbles are always so long I'm sorry!!!
is not betaed, so sorry for any big mistakes!!

Willas Tyrell hadn’t seen it coming, in all honesty. He had just left a party slightly drunk, right. More like drugged up to his fucking eyelids, but damn if he wasn’t feeling bloody fine.
He was just enjoying the speed and laughing on his bike and he hadn’t seen the car, at all. And then suddenly there was a lot of light and suddenly a lot of pain and after all it was all darkness.
His arrival to the hospital was blurry, barely conscious to hear the people around him, a sweet voice telling him everything was going to be okay, tender hands soft as an angel’s touching his forehead.

He spent several hours drifting on and off, blinking his eyes for a second and falling into a slumber again. He didn’t know how many time he spent like that.
Then Willas was awake enough. Awake for seeing the too white hospital ceiling and the fact he couldn’t feel anything but a dumb feeling in his right leg.
He was conscious enough for asking, and the situation was exposed to him without not sugar-coating it.

( “That right leg of yours fellow, I hope you ain’t into playing football.”
The doctor told to him, with a weird accent and an ever weirder attitude that Willas didn’t like a thing. )

The parade of doctors stopped and soon his family came over. His grandmother barely showed a reaction at him, looking at him with a stare that burnt right away through his soul and he knew that there was a lot of talking from Olenna Tyrell coming after he was discharged from the hospital.
His brothers Garlan and Loras were just happy that he was okay and not severely injured. And if any of them knew about by then, his lame leg, neither of them made a comment about it.

But when Margaery walked in Willas’ heart twister in pain and remorse. She was just a kid, too young to be surrounded by linoleum floors and hospital smells. Her beautiful eyes were red and her face doleful, walking up to his bed with unsure steps. Willas’ hand moved to touch her youngest sister hair, and he smiled despite everything.
It was when the realisation hit him, about what happened, about what could have happened, and he felt a sting of pain in his chest that had nothing to do with his leg.

“Margaery…” He started, wanted to say something, something shooting or maybe something witty to make her laugh. He lived for her laugh.

But before he could say anything Margaery’s sniff filled the room and Willas’ heart skipped a bit. “You’re not going to leave us, right, Willas?” She asked, beautiful brown eyes filled with tears that threatened to fall down her already wet and flushed cheeks.

Willas bit down his emotions, and smiled at the girl, the tips of his fingers playing with her hair and her eyebrow. “I will never leave you, Margaery.” He promised, more to himself than to her. More like a vow, a pledge than anything else.

“You will stay with me always?” She asked by then and her face brightened a little, her head tilting.

“Always, Margaery, I promise.” Willas said from his bed, locking his eyes to his sister’s, smiling, and keeping with the strokes over her face. “Always.”
And after saying those words, Margaery smiled and threw herself to her oldest brother’s arms despite the tangled cry of ‘Careful!’ that filled the room. She giggled against his ear as her tiny arms circled his neck and Willas sighed out in pure bliss.

Her laugh was what he lived for.
youngestrose on September 28th, 2012 10:16 pm (UTC)
Gahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ilu
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