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15 November 2009 @ 04:39 am
title: Good Morning Girl
pairing: non implied Kaoru/Toshiya
rating: safe
words: 553
summary: Toshiya is the only one who ends up talking with Kaoru's girlfriends

I am really trying to find out why or how I ended up in a situation like this when I promised myself about ten times before that it was never going to happen again.

Everytime you get a new girlfriend, which is a very common thing due to the fact that your relationships doesn't last much, being thankful to that stupid insane working schedule you're up to not every normal woman on earth can stand.... Anyway, when you get a new girlfriend and you introduce them to us, I don't know why... how, she gets to talk to me more than anyone else. And I think that you probably urge them to do so, and I understand.

Leaving your new girlfriend along with Kyo isn't a bright idea, since your girlfriends don't know much about music, or about... anything and Kyo is not really good with any that comes to socialization, especially to girls. Die is a nice guy, even nicer when he's around someone with boobs but that can be your main reason for not letting any of your girlfriends get too close or too intimate to him. And there's Shinya, who get talkative about stuff like languages, or dogs, or food and they end up boring up any girl that had passed the door of our studio. And then... there's me, and all your girlfriends have or had something in common: They think I can be his new gay best friend, or shopping buddy or anything else. But I am not. I don't know what kind of person they expect I am, but when all of them squee in the most exagerating, annoying and exasperating way possible, tugging on the sleeve of my leather jacket, gaspin': "Omg... Toshiya-kun, that jacket is just marvelous!!"

What the fuck they expect me to do?
Squee like a 15 years old girl, put my hand on hers and say something like: "Thank you darling, but I must say your hair looks fantastic! What shampoo do you use? Subaki isn't it?"
First of all, I do not squee, secondly I don't 'darling' people around and third, I am not just like that. Maybe I had a past of vinyl and glam and make-up and fanservice but I am a man. And if we are talking in concret I am a kinda reserved and shy man. It's really hard for me to understand why Kaoru's masculinity is not.. discussed. Is tangible and strong and noone even thinks in another way. And there's me, taller, stronger, muscular; and no matter what still a 15 years old teen.

Coming back to the present, here I am with your... 23rd? girlfriend who's babbling non stop about stuff I don't care a fuck, but I think that if you like her, even love her; and decided to spend some time with her is because she's interesting and deep, and she keeps you company, and gives you something that I for example, can't give you but it's really hard for me to think like that when she's just squeeing and laughing mouth opened about things they aren't even funny at all.
I take a long sip from my drink and close my eyes, this is really, really the last time I say yes to you in something like this again.