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09 October 2010 @ 04:02 pm
title: The Fault
Disclaimer: Nothing belongs to me.
Genre: Angst
Pairing: Kaoru/Toshiya
Rating: G
Comments: i'm just posting all the fics i wrote here so i could make a decent archive and have it all together♥

but comments are love. ♥♥♥♥♥♥

your fault, i never imagined i could annoy you so much, i really never thought that you could yell at me with those angry eyes till the day you said that i was the fault.... so that's i am? i am your fault, i felt like i couldn't breath, my eyes became water and i just left the room, i took the things i needed and i just left. I ran away from you, from your yells, from your hate.

you never talked to me as you used, you never looked at me as you used... and of course you never smiled at me... how could you? i was the fault...... i thought that i had to start a new after that... so i decided to make a new bass... very new, new mark, new color, everything. So i designed and made 'Belzee'. It was a killerbass no a fender one like the others, it was white, pure white, i just needed something, a lab that always reminded me what i was. So i made a sticker "THE FAULT", because that's what i am, no more and no less, just the fault of everything, as you said.

You became loner, you didn't get my calls so i decided one day not to call anymore, months passed, and maybe was my fault too but you started to make the prettiest music i ever heard, i was impressed; the linebasses you wrote to me became stronger, full of hate and power, since the first time i read those scores i decided to play just with beelze, to show the world that the painful music was my fault, as you said "you're the fault".

i know you so well, you're suffering as i am but as you always showed to me, the group is the most important thing, your very important group and your very talented music, leader-sama; it almost looked like you forgot about the yell, about me, about your fault, but then one day you arrived with a new tatto, in the hand, in your talented hand, the same hand who wrote to me cage, embryo, mushi and all the painfull songs you wrote throught these years. I looked at it, wondered what kind of tattoo you made and then i shocked when i saw a word: "fault". You moved your hand slowly to take your guitar and i could see it clearly: "Despair of the fault" i was even more shocked, i stared at it again and again trying to look for an answer in your tattoed skin, then i could feel your eyes gazering at me, i looked up to you, you said nothing, you did nothing, your face and your eyes were expresionless, you turned around and said that the practise had to start.

so the practise started and we played, you with your tattoed fault, myself with my labbed fault, the word who will haunt us 'till the day we decide that we are hidding from each other, kaoru...
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