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15 November 2009 @ 04:40 am
title: The only time
pairing: non implied Kaoru/Toshiya
rating: safe
words: 447
summary: Toshiya can't read Kaoru at all.

I can't read you, I just can't read you at all.

A lot of years ago, when I was young and you were that gorgeous, mysterios person. Dark and stoic but at the same time endearing and close, I thought that maybe with the years, that façade you had in front of you will fall and I would be able of reading you.

But it's not like that.
And here I am, ten years later, in our practise room, staring at you while you're totally drown into your leader's duties and I think again. I can't read you at all.
I'm sat down on a table, playing with the papers between my hands: lyrics, scores, stuff probably important that I am just playing with; while I stare at you, watch over you from my position. You look up sometimes but your glance never meets mine and when they do, you show me a smile, a tired one but a smile after all. And I can stop these thoughs in my mind: 'Fuck, you're beautiful.'

"Toshiya-san! It's your turn for recording the back-vocals." Someone say, far far away and the words take me out the little world of your smile, of your eyes and your whole beauty and I get up lazily, tying my hair in a lousy ponytail while I mutter a 'yes... yes...' and get into the recording room, closing the heavy door right after me.

Around an hour later, I step outside the so said room, tired and kinda sore. My neck stiff and my throat craving for water, something a sweet and always caring staff member is handing to me right now. I bow to everyone, muttering 'thanks' and 'thanks for the hard work' words all over, since everyone there makes our work easy, make us be and I am thankful of that.

My steps take me to the bathroom, I wash my face with water feeling refreshed and relaxed and when I look up, drops of water running down my face to my neck, to my clothes; there's you. Just you. Leaning against the door and staring at me, I really want to say something, but I just, don't. My mouth opens and closes beautifully, creating an 'O' form but still, no sounds.

You grin, for real, a grin. You shove your tiny, lovely, tattooed hands in your dark jeans and nod. "Great work today, Toshiya." Simply that, your voice which is as beautiful as the rest of you, deep and masculine and, of course; pretty and you leave the room, leaving me there confusing and still wet, with those million of water drops on my skin.

I really, really can't read you.
eternal.sunshine.of.the.spotless.mindht_56 on December 20th, 2009 04:57 am (UTC)
i seriously cant breathe! this is awesome! i hope u never get tired of writing these drabbles. thanks for making one fangurl squeal in joy today. ^_________^